Welcome back Magnus!


Welcome back to Magnus Wibling, visiting us again from sunny Sweden! He’s been having some great diving over the last week and has had his eye on those Scooters (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) or DPVs in the corner of the dive shop. Well he just had to have a go, so we took him to the Alama Jane, Fantasea reef, Sabang Wrecks and back, all in one dive.  If you would like information on the PADI DPV course please contact instructors@asiadivers.com

What’s been going on at Asia Divers this week


Johan Pahnke has done a great job completing his PADI Rescue EFR course over the New Year period, whiles enjoying lots of diving and seasonal celebrations! Help!  jan17b2

Congratulations to Sheika-Mae, Estella and Sam Gibbs on completing their AOW course a great time and challenging dives. Estella also went on to complete her Deep Diver and Nitrox specializes too! Great job guys :)


A new PADI Divemaster


It’s been wonderful having Ellinor around for the past while. She was very hard working and a lot of fun. Ellinor has such a great attitude and is the perfect role model as a DM. When she wasn’t out diving or helping the students you would see her in the dive shop helping out. She also did us proud with the snorkel test! Congratulations Ellinor Alexandersson from all of us here at Asia Divers.

Happy New Year

We hope you celebrated and enjoyed the night as much as we all did here. It was a wonderful time spent with family and good friends, and a night of fine dining at El Galleon. As usual everyone migrated to Point and the Platform to ring in the New Year with an amazing fireworks display put on by EL Gal and in the perfect position to witness all the other fireworks up and down the whole beach. Oh what a view! Things are off to a fine start and we look forward to seeing everyone here this year!


Always a fun time with Trevor and the gang spending the holidays here!


Always a fun time with Trevor and the gang spending the holidays here!


A first New Years Eve for Chuck in PG!

Monday News cover shot for January 2017


We ring in 2017 with this stunningly snooted photo by Mat Watts. According to Mat, this nudibranch took up most of his dive at the Boatyard in Puerto Galera, as he attempted to get the snoot in just the right position. For all you in the “camera know”:  Taken on a Canon 5D Mk3 with Sea and Sea Housing, Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro IS lens, Subsee +5 diopter and Reefnet Snoot. 1/200 sec at f/22, ISO160. If you would like to subscribe to Asia Divers weekly newsletter to keep up to date on all news here please send an email to instructors@asiadivers.com

Christmas at El Galleon/Asia Divers

Everyone has been having a fine time celebrating the season. We kicked off the festivities with our staff party on the 19th and than Santa and his elves arrived at El Galleon on the 24rd and delivered heaps of toys to the local kids for the 26th year in a row! Christmas dinner at El Galleon was a delicious feast by Antoine and the crew. We also did our annual underwater treasure hunt. Wishing everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2017…and hope to see you here soon!


The games are the best part of our staff Christmas party and couple that with alcohol and everyone is in for a very fun time.

IDC@Asia Divers


We are excited to announce that Jamie and Sabine have taken over the Instructor Development (IDC) at Asia Divers with a new, modernized concept of the “eIDC”. For those who plan to take the next step to become a PADI Instructor, this program is focused on personalized coaching, more in-water rather than classroom time, marine conservation, and the onsite component of the course only takes 10 days.

Utilizing the PADI eLearning system as well as video coaching and other digital value adds ensure that our new instructors are best prepared for their professional careers. If you want to learn more about our fun filled eIDC, just drop a note to idc@asiadivers.com

Photo Corner

dec16c3It was wonderful diving with these two awesome photographers, Amr and Mariz this week. They have a great eye to find things and have perfect buoyancy while taking photos! Great role models for the underwater photographers! These photos were taken by Amr here this past week. Amr A. Abdul-Majeed, Lives in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. He’s been an avid diver since 2009 and became an underwater photography instructor in 2011. He’s also a senior member in Aquaviewksa underwater photography group. Check out his website to see more of his photos:  http://www.amrmajeed.com/


Review from recent guests

“El Galleon – Nice enough rooms / resort, clean and comfortable. “More than adequate” and all staff were exceedingly helpful. Dive Centre was a slick operation & very professional, with well-structured diving. Easy to do 4 dives / day with dive sites only 10 mins away from the resort, it was great to be able to go back to your room between dives. Exceedingly good corals & an abundance of fish life, all very colourful. Many shoals of fish, but no big stuff seen. Lovely canyon dives, some had healthy currents. “Hole in the wall” dive site was great.”

Thanks for your help with the guests. Jem kemp, Director, Luxus Pacific Diving

Email:  jem.kemp@luxuspacificdiving.com

Website: www.luxuspacificdiving.com