Diving can be your life

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is your first step in teaching others your passion for diving! Here in Puerto Galera we will give you first class IDC training which will change your life forever! Are you looking for something extraordinary? To do something others can only dream of? To help people transform their lives? Open doors you didn’t even know existed? All of this, and more, await you as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor! Contact us here on Facebook for more details.

Welcome back to the Clements family!

It’s been wonderful having Rudy, Bobby, Sabine, and Cleome Clements back with us. They had a busy week with Rudy and Cleome doing their Rescue and EFR courses with Troy, and Bobby getting his Open Water certification with Jamie. Congratulations you  guys! What a great start to their holiday as they head off to Palau!

The sun shines over Puerto Galera this August!


The Grahn family has been enjoying the sun, sand and the sea during their Open Water course with Troy.  So much for the rainy season! It’s been a stunning week here and looks like it will stay like that for a while. Magnus Grahn, Jonas Grahn, Johanna Grahn and Evelyn Siőberg are very excited to have done their dive training with Asia Divers in Puerto Galera rather than back home in Sweden.

Congratulations to Chris, our newest Divemaster!

Chris Stephenson has enjoyed his recent visit P.G. to complete his Divemaster course with Troy. He ticked off all the boxes and ended his time here with the usual celebration up in the Point. Ichi started his DM course together with Chris and it was very fitting that Ichi was back here at the same time to help with the celebrations! We’ll see Chris back here very soon to do the next IDC…

The HUGYCUP 2014-2015

Dear friends, divers, underwater photographers & videographers,

It’s with great pleasure we can announce the 6th HUGYCUP edition.
The HUGYCUP 2014-2015 will take place in Puerto Galera, Philippines between the 22nd of February and the 18th of April.
Asia divers and the ‘El Galleon’ resort will be our home base during the competition.
The HUGYCUP is an international underwater photo & video competition supported and sponsored by well-known resorts & dive centers, artists & equipment manufacturers.
Prizes with a total value of around 30000 € will be awarded to the best photographers & videographers.
So join us and take part of this great experience. Danny Van Belle, 4-times winner of the Golden Fin at the world festival of underwater images and Cmas Vice-world champion underwater videography will be there to give you some extra advice.
During the HUGYCUP you can get some ideas on aperture & diaphragm settings and adjustments for your camera, underwater positioning and composition.
Come and join us during the HUGYCUP period and get a chance to win one of the marvelous prizes ….  For all info have a look at www.2014.hugycup.com

To join please contact : info@hucycup.com or through the booking form on the HUGYCUP website http://2014.hugycup.com/how-to-participate-how-to-book/bookingreservation-form

Family fun at El Galleon

The Scheuder family had a great vacation this week with them all deciding to take part in the PADI Scuba Diver Course. It was filled with ups and downs quite literally, as a storm passed through making the sea conditions quite challenging and adding to the adventure. Congratulations to Gilles Scheuder, Maarten Schreuder, Anniek Schreuder, Henrik Schreuder and Jolanta Klessens.

Divemaster training at Asia Divers

Chris has been happily working through his Dive Master Course with Troy. Having just completed the search and recovery dive, he can now effectivly seach for and find any lost items that may have been droped, a very important skill as a Dive master. Stay tuned for the dive master party coming up soon.  Asia Divers is a great place to move up the PADI ladder to the pro levels. We’ve got a great facility, some super instructors and some fine places to socialize in the evenings!

On the run

Look who took part in The 10K Milo Marathon held at Mall of Asia last Sunday. Allan, Rhuby, Kjell, and Paul all did the 10K. Wayne, Yumi, Oste and Sue did the 5K. A total of 37,060 runners/walkers took part. It was a great event and we can be sure to see them all out there doing it again, soon.