Nitrox diving with Asia Divers

 Fed up with leaving the bottom early? Enriched Air Nitrox is great way to spend longer time in some of our best spots- imagine 40 minutes in canyons? It really doesn’t get any better! We believe everyone should be a Nitrox diver and always dive with Nitrox. To us it’s just good old common sense.  As you’ll notice here, all of our instructors and Divemasters use nitrox for all pretty much all of their diving.

Learn to dive using Nitrox with Asia Divers

Nitrox tanks for longer bottom time

Enriched air. Learn to dive with Nitrox.

Why Nitrox ?

*Nitrox can give you longer bottom times on recreational dives. A good example of this is being able to spend 30 minutes of bottom time in the Canyons compared with about 20 on air.
*Gets you back to the surface with way less N2 in your system than diving on air.

*Decrease N2 loading if used with air profiles.

*Leave you less tired after multiple dives.

The PADI Nitrox Certification just got a whole quicker and easier to gain. No tables or calculations. All you need is a Nitrox dive computer and if you don’t have one yet, we’ll give you one to use for the course.

Asia Divers offers the PADI Nitrox (EANX) course for just $210 USD. Come to our dive centre, or contact Asia Divers at  for further details. After your certified you can take advantage of the great deals we have for diving on Nitrox. For only a small extra charge you can do all of your diving on Nitrox!

One dive + $6

All Day NITROX + $12

Two Days NITROX + $20

One Week Unlimited NITROX + $60

Minimum age 15 years

Filling dive tanks with Nitrox.

Easy nitrox with tanks charged actually on the pier at El Galleon

Fun times at Asia Divers this week

Jos Van de Giesen has had a great weekend here with his son, Bart and girlfriend, Jzene. Discovering scuba again, all three got to do some diving together along with Pete and Christopher Tong. It should also be noted that Jos did a sneaky note on the board on his last dive with Alli that said “#400”. Looks like there will be a celebration next time he is here!

Jerry O’Shea advanced though his Advanced course with Pete so quickly that he had to fill some more time doing his Nitrox course as well. Jerry did his theory on-line and came down here to complete the dives. E-Learning is the way to go!

A night of celebrating in the Point for Norbert and Birgit Andreya, Tina Lockie, Andrea Hensel and Rainer Kleenner because Andrea earned a 500 Dive Club T-shirt. Congratulations!

Dicery Gen Aribal is very happy to be on her honeymoon and the fact that she got to go diving her new hubby, Robert Cyr

Congrats to Jenny Fisher, who snuck in a quick Nitrox course before starting the IDC. Christopher Tong hasn’t been diving in a while but came down with some diver friends and got right back into the swing of things with a review, a Nitrox course and of course, some great diving.

Free Raffle to win 3 nights at El Galleon.

Hello everyone,

I have to confess that I have fouled up.

Allan Nash who has donated the 3 nights free stay at El Galleon is away and therefore unable to draw the raffle.

I shall contact Allan Nash and as soon as I know a date when he can draw the raffle in public  so everyone knows it is fair,  I will send notification to everyone.

Sorry about this but Allan Nash is due back on the 25th.  so we won’t need to wait too long.

Again my apologies.

Terry  Llewellyn.

The El Galleon Webmaster.

Another Ghoulish Halloween Night at The Point

It’s been a howling All-Saints Day long weekend here with lots of Manila regulars around, plus groups from the U.S. and Germany. The Halloween party at the Point was filled with the usual sorts of spooky characters and very bewitching staff members. Face painting was once again was a big hit for the many kids and even the bigger kids too. Thanks to everyone who came along and got into the spirit of things.