Divers for Operation Smile.

Asia divers help with hospital costs.

Two very happy mothers.

Last week some doctors visited Provincial Hospital in Calapan to carry out

Surgery on children with Harelip. Though the actual surgery is free it is always expenses around such transport cost for parent and the child, food and others. Tommy & Lina Soderstrom, Göran Ritter and Rudy Schmiedel decide to chip in some money to help some of the kids who’s parent can’t afford these expenses. Giving 5,000 pesos each we thought it would be good for 3 kids including medicine but Lina managed the money so it was good enough for 4 children! Two got the operation to close the gap in the gum so they can speak properly and two children got their lips rebuilt. Angie Robles from our accounting office and our Instructor Allison Manis also helped by donating milk for these children as they obviously only could take fluid after the operation.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

El Galleon Waitresses

Looking forward to Christmas.

The start of December always brings excitement of the upcoming holiday. The resort is all decked out for the festivities and preparations are in the works for what will be a wonderful Christmas in paradise! We are looking forward to seeing many old friends and ringing in the New Year with you all. It all kicked off with our staff Christmas party at Talipanan beach yesterday.  You can read more about those escapades in next weeks’ Monday newsletter. Check out the photos above and below: The waitresses and Point bar staff are all decked out in new uniforms. Don’t they look great?!

Point Bar staff

The new uniforms look festive.


All work and no play?…not for this group! A team of 15 visited Puerto Galera for the Intercept Technology annual resource summit. They came from Australia, Phillippines, South Africa, United States and Germany. In the group were five first time divers, and few who were already certified. Congratulations to Neal Duffy, David Mckenna, Frank Boardward, and Keith Donaldson for taking the plunge and to Matt Hill who went on to become a PADI Scuba Diver. You have to admit, El Galleon is the perfect place to hold a conference on company money and get in some great diving too!

On November 22nd, the European Commission announced the long awaited proposal for closing the loopholes in the European Union’s ban on shark finning. And the European Union has become a signatory to the United Nations Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Sharks.
These are important steps forward in Project AWARE’s work to protect threatened and vulnerable shark species.