Bubble trouble?!

Troy was the leader of the pack, as he got the gang immersed in 2 meters of fun and adventure on their bubblemaker dives this week. Congratulations to Fin Bruce, Ruben Japp, Liam Henderson, Callum Henderson and also to Daniel Bruce who stepped up the PADI ladder by doing a Discover Scuba

Andy on the go…again!

Only 3 days after completing a Cressi-Sub service seminar in Asia Divers with newly qualified instructors, Andy Norman headed south to the Island of Cebu to conduct courses for dive shop operators and their staff in both Cebu City and Moalboal.

The initial request for this course was from the Lee Butler of Savedra Dive Centre in Moalboal who wished for his staff to be trained on servicing regulators.

So to make the course more open, Lee put the advertisement around the beaches and surprised us with another 4 resorts wanting to add their staff for the one day training course.

The result of the advertisement was 11 students from 5 different shops in Moalboal and 7 students from 6 different resorts in Cebu that took the course so was great news and good fun to conduct the seminar for so many dive shops..

Once again the regulators being used was the Cressi-sub AC2 unbalanced, the XS 2 2nd stage, the Diaphragm MC5 and Cressi’s Ellipse 2nd stage.

Congratulations go to the following:

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Congratulations to our newest PADI Divemaster

Congratulations to Brian Moh whom has just passed his PADI Divemaster course with us. Brian is a professional photographer from Malaysia with a strong passion for diving. He wanted to gain lots of new experience on the sport that he loves to do and he wanted to experience it in a different country. Alli met Brian at the dive show in KL and things were quickly put in place for Brian to spend a month here in Puerto Galera doing his Rescue and Divemaster courses. Continue reading

Family diving

Wonderful to have Thoumire family back with us again! We sure miss seeing them often like we used to when they were living in Manila, but it’s great that they can get back here at least once a year. Congratulations to Amalia for earning her Advanced citification with Alli on this trip and to both Rapheah and Amalia for getting their Nitrox with Jamie. JC tried not to do too much work and just enjoy the time underwater.



Cressi-sub servicing seminar

With instructor students finishing off their exams with IDAP collage, some went on to gain that extra qualification in the theory and practice of servicing diving regulators by taking the one service seminar on Cress-sub regulators.

In conjunction with IDAP courses held at Asia Divers, a Cressi-sub servicing seminar, that’s free of charge, is tagged at the end of instructor course for those instructors wanting to increase their knowledge in the area of regulator theory and maintenance.

Once again, regulators used for this course were the very versatile AC2 unbalanced with XS2 second stage that is popular in the rental department with dive shop operator, while the afternoon session students went into deep theory, strip down, rebuilding and fine tuning of the  MC5 diaphragm and ellipse second stage.

Special mention goes to Ruben, who for some of you my well remember Ruben worked in the Asia Divers service department in the late 1990’s so re-teaching for him was not too much of a problem..

If wanting to know more about this course that could be easily arranged to be conducted other locations in the Philippines, please don’t hesitate to email; andy@asiadivers.com

Congratulations go to:

Ruben Maranan of Asia divers
Marcus Black: Blue Ribbon
Fiona Gould: Blue Ribbon
Robert Coleridge.

Clowning around!

Photos by Matt Hubball

Last month I noticed that there were many clown fish eggs appearing in one week over several different dive sites.  This intrigued me and made me want to look into this a bit deeper and find out why. I noticed this more just after the full moon which this time was known as a Super Moon! I was wondering if this is the time that eggs are laid? Hmmmm….So searching around on the internet I found out some interesting facts about our little orange buddies. Continue reading

Tommy on the road again…

Tommy has been on the road again representing Asia Divers-El Galleon at Inter Dive in Friedrichshafen, Germany. We’re hoping to see a lot more divers from Germany heading our way very soon as the colder weather starts to spread across Europe. After the Inter Dive Show, Tommy went to visit the Cressi factory in Genova. On the picture above from left to right: David Avalone (Export Manager), Tommy, Marco Cressi and Antony Cressi.

Not that we needed another place to drink!

Check out the new bar on the Asia Divers dive deck! We know that the Point bar is only a few seconds away from the platform, but now with the new bar even closer to the boats, you can have a cold frosty beer in your hand just seconds after returning from your favorite dive site in Puerto Galera. So what are we going to call the new bar? Please send your ideas to instructors@asiadivers.com.