Divemaster Threesome Celebrations

Last night was a celebration for our three new PADI Divemasters whome were all under the wing of Pete for the past while. Mike and Marecella Cooper have been here for over one month while Ray Villemarette took the bull by the horns and did it short time! In end they all left here as new PADI Divemasters with perhaps a wee bit of a headache this morning…

Snorkel test for three!

Well earned Divemaster shirts.

Welcome back Cy and Bonny!

CY Lu and Bonny Lo and the two little ones have been coming here for several years, but usually over Christmas and New Years. This was the first year they decided to come in the “off season”.  They really enjoyed the August sunshine and warm clear water. It was a good break from Shanghai.

Goodbye to Underwater Sports

A great time was had by all this past week as our group of 23 people from “Underwater Sports” in Australia enjoyed their time in Puerto Galera. As usual they got to see some fantastic stuff underwater but they also got to see the finer points of the Point! We’ve enjoyed having you guys here and look forward to seeing you again. Special thanks to David and Jolie Gordon for making this happen.

Asia Divers Splashed for trash

In effort against ocean debris Asia Divers hosted an underwater clean up this past weekend in the shallow waters of Small Lalaguna bay. Lots of trash was collected including 2 umbrellas. Check out the photo above. Keep an eye out for future posts about other clean-up projects and send us a message if you’re interested in taking part.