Photo corner.

We have many photographers coming to Asia Divers because of the great photo opportunities here. They can get shots of many weird and wonderful creatures, along with of course all the beautiful corals and fishes. Thanks to Stewart Clarke from Dubai for sending us these two fantastic photos and a good write up on them. I suspect Stewart will be eager to enter our 25th Anniversary Photo Competition! Details for that will be out real soon.

Blue ring octopus at Asia Divers in the Philipines

Blue ring octopus


The Blue Ring

This shot was taken on at The Boatyard, a relatively new dive site that we had been informed had great potential for critters due the muck diving nature of it. We had already found two giant frogfish on the main wreck there and had decided to have a search around the reef that fringed the dive site. After finding numerous shrimps, nudibranch and crabs we were getting to the point where the dive was almost finished then out of the corner of my eye I saw a slight flash of blue on top of a small coral head. Looking closer I found this little fella perched on top of a yellow and blue sponge. Then came the decision of either informing my fellow photographer buddy or being selfish and taking my own shots with the chance that the Blue Ringed Octopus could disappear in a second. I chose the former and the next five minutes were spent in the joyous company of this amazing creature, it was only when he started getting a little bit feisty that we called it a day and returned to the boat with beaming smiles and full memory cards.


Bug Eyed Shrimp

The Bug Eyed Squat lobster – Munida olivarae

This shot was taken on another dive at The Boatyard (quickly becoming a personal favourite site). We had decided to concentrate more on the reef this time hoping to bump into our friend from the previous day, instead we were treated to a wide array of shrimps, nudibranch, tiny lionfish and of course this wee critter. I had stuck my head under a small rock overhang to take a closer look at a small lionfish when the lobster decided to stick his head out to see what all the fuss was. I love the eyes on this guy and he reminded me of Marty Feldman, a comedian from the 1970s (think Igor in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein movie). It just goes to show that the closer you look at what is around you the more chance you have of finding some truly amazing little critters with Asia Divers.

My introduction to the underwater world, by Kathleen Grey

Scuba diver in Puerto Galera

Diving Puerto Galera with Asia Divers

I’ve always loved the Ocean.  Growing up in Australia I was spoilt for clean beaches and loved our childhood summers swimming in the surf. Having won a competition in 2010 for two open water courses with Asia Divers, it was the perfect opportunity to get together with my brother and sister and enjoy some time together while doing something we’d always wanted to do. Unfortunately, injury struck and I was sidelined in a plaster cast, while they could dive I could not.  Watching from the sidelines was more reward than I expected. You observe the effect diving can have on people.   A sense of calm wonder as the underwater world is opened up to someone for the first time. Watching people relax as they are allowed to escape from the world they live in with a complete change of focus.  That realisation that there is something much bigger than concrete skyscrapers and noisy TV programs about other people’s lives.   The bond that grows between diving partners, not only for a unique shared experience, but increase respect you have for someone you’ve had to trust.   And, a personal sense of achievement after each dive. Something new learned. Something new seen.   It’s taken me 12 months to find my opportunity to complete the open water course – and I’m hooked!  Not only for diving itself, but the opportunity I now have to explore the world in a new way with the people I’ve known all my life and love.  I would like to thank our instructor Allison.  Good instruction from the start builds confidence in anything.  We all felt very lucky to have a teacher who is as passionate as she is professional. And to have found a place like PG where you can dive on so many levels and see so much.   I’m looking forward to keeping her up to date with my ambition of diving the top 10 sites in the world, and working on an environmental clean up once a year.



The Palau Siren  Liveaboard scuba expeditions

Scuba diving liveaboard.

We have the Palau Siren booked for a 10-day trip November 20-30, 2012. For you that have been there before on one of our 7-day cruises with Palau  Aggressor you’ll find that we get an opportunity to see other areas of Palau. We’ll dive far north for some big Pelagic, not to mention any as we might have bad luck. Some may have tips on the fins but they are not white !!! Also some may look like very big birds !!! Do the “usual” Palau dives and then go all the way down to Angaur south of Peleliu.  The boat will move and we will anchor in different places almost every night and therefore get the opportunity to dive in different areas all the time. Talking about the boat, for you who joined our Komodo trip 2011, will be very familiar on the Palau Siren as its a copy of the Indo Siren we spent the trip on. If you are interested please let me know and I will reserve a spot for you. The price for the trip is €2,995. The dates fits with the Manila-Koror flight so no need for overnight in Koror, straight to and from the boat to the airport. 11 spots left ! Contact if your interested.

Asia Divers 25th Anniversary Photo Competition

We’re all very excited because Asia Divers celebrates its’ 25th Anniversary this year! During 2012 we’ve got some special things to mark the occasion and one of them is to run a photo competition. We think it will be a fun challenge for many of our photographer friends and it will also give you a chance to be recognized for your talent.


Details and prizes will be announced very soon, so keep your eyes on our Blog!


Cocos Island (Costa Rica)

We still have 1 spot (male) left for Allan’s and Tommy’s trip to Cocos Island (Costa Rica) April 28-08 May, 2012. This is probably the best dive destination if you like big stuff at one single location. Schooling Hammerheads, Galapagos Sharks, Hunting Whitetip Reef Sharks, Mantas, Lots and Lots of Schooling Fish and you never know sometimes the largest fish in the world shows up. DON’T MISS THE CHANCE ! Contact