Farewell Klein Scuba


Klein Scuba have had a great time with us here at Asia Divers. Not only did they have fantastic weather but dive conditions have been splendid too. All our critters have been around in abundance and a couple of trips to Verde Island put the icing on the cake.So a fond farewell to you all and my we see you again in the future.

Vision Divers returns!

Welcome back to Peter and Deb Webster from Vision Divers in Melbourne, Australia. This time they brought along a group of 25. It’s been a great week of diving and hanging out with this lot…perhaps too much fun sometimes?! With perfect conditions for diving, weather, sunshine and lots of quality time in the Point, it didn’t take much to please everyone and make sure they all left with big smiles on their face. Hope to see you all back again next year!

Happy birthday Curt…ya dumb whore!

What a way to start on your 50th year! The birthday boy, Curt went out on a nice morning dive and came back to the whole resort decorated for his 50th birthday. (Included were many old photos of Curt as a wee lad and even some of those scary 70’s photos!) Happy 50th Birthday Curt….ya dumb whore!! His friends Steve and Chuck made sure everyone knew…

British School Manila goes diving!

British School

What a great week it was for the 18 students and three teachers from the British School Manila. Fourteen left with their Open Water certification, Four earned their Advanced, and we even got one of the teachers to do a “Try Dive”.  eLearning once again ensured that the kids got to spend more time in the water and no time in the classroom during their stay here. They all had more time for fun diving, a sunset cruise, and a big send off party on the platform. Thank you to Will Tibblits, David O’Connor, and Alexandra Van Lierde for organizing this very successful event. We can hardly wait until next year to do it again!

Finding Nemo at Asia Divers

mazinkidOur newest bubblemaker Oscar Collin is very happy to show off his certificate with his instructor, Mazi. Asia Divers loves kids and takes special care with the little ones. We have a bubble-maker course in the swimming pool and we also do bubblemaker dives in the ocean to a depth of 2 m for kids 8-10 years old. Kids love to get the chance to find Nemo!

Tubbataha April 2013


Alli vanished last week to take a group to Tubbataha Reef. It is the only purely marine World heritage Site in Southeast Asia. It lies at the heart of the coral triangle, the global center for marine diversity and consists of roughly 10,00 hectares of coral reefs. The area is a source of coral and fish larvae and also represents the last intact seabird habitats in the Philippines. It was a great trip for the whole group as they got to see lots of sharks, turtles, beautiful walls covered in huge seafans and sponges and even a few big rays. Asia Divers is running several live-aboard dive trips every year to many places all over the world. If you would like to be kept up to date on all the latest news and upcoming trips you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter “the Monday News”. Just drop Alli a line at instructors@asiadivers.com and she can get you on the list.