Heavy metal diving!


Gino Symus from Belgium has returned for more photography dives. He came here earlier in the year to participate in the HUGYCUP photo competition. Gino can be seen above with his two SLR cameras, one for macro and one for wide angle so he never misses a beat. You would think with all that gear that buoyancy control would be a big problem, but Gino mages it with ease, being very careful not to put even a fin on the reef. A true master and inspiration to all photographers out there! You can see some of his photos on http://2014.hugycup.com/

HUGYCUP Awards night

Asia Divers hosted the HUGYCUP photo and video competition from the 22nd of February until the 17th of April 2015. During that time we got to meet lots of amazingly talented photographers and videographers who were all here for the competition.  The amount of big cameras around here during that time was quite the sight! Over the past few months the judges have had their hands full judging all the photos in the many different categories. The end results were displayed and announced last Saturday in Belguim.


Allan and Hugycup organizer Danny Van Belle at the HUGYCUP awards night.

Allan also presented an award to Danny In Appreciation of the HUGYCUP 2015, “In Grateful Recognition of the Enduring Commitment to Promoting Underwater Photography and Diver Awareness. “


Over 30000 euro in prizes we’re given out at the awards night when the winners were announced and Allan was there to see it all. You can see all the winning photos on the official Hugycup website.

See: http://2014.hugycup.com/

Thank you to Danny Van Belle for organizing this event, and a big thanks to all of the participants who took part in the HUGYCUP at Asia Divers this year. Congratulations to all the winners, you all got some very spectacular photos! It was a great experience for all of us here at Asia Divers and El Galleon to be part of this.

Look who’s back

sep15c7Congratulations to Jos for doing his 600th dive with us with 90% of those dives having been done with Asia Divers. Jos lived in the Philippines for nine years, but now he lives in Norway and we don’t get to see him too much, except on Facebook! Welcome back Jos, it was wonderful to see you back.


It’s always nice to see our old friends come back to visit. Mike and Elfriede Gould have been long time Asia Divers customers, in fact for more than 20 years! It was wonderful to see them back again and hope it won’t be another eight years before we see you again.

Animals on the beach

sep15c3A long time tradition at Asia Divers/El Galleon…the return of the Animals!  For the past couple weeks the Animals have been in full force celebrating birthdays, diving, enjoying all of what PG has to offer and making new Cardinals…sometimes. The diving has been superb and they’ve enjoyed a few thresher shark sightings on top of all that. Here is Terry, Rene, Alli, John, and Mark all ready for the 10:30 dive. You’ll note that there are a few missingJ


sep15c2Love this Facebook posting from yesterday! Yes…it really exists…The other DM’s and instructors here have been sighting the threshers quite often over the past couple years, but Alli seemed to have no luck at all, until yesterday when she finally saw it and saw it up close.  So today she goes out again to Kilima and sees a totally different thresher! WOW!!!

Post DRT show visit to El Gal/Asia Divers

sep15c1It’s been a fun week hosting a group from the dive show in Manila. Thanks to Zeny Pallugna and Erwin Silva from the Philippines Department of Tourism who got this organized and spent the time getting to know us better.  Our other guests included Catherine Mcdermott and David Valaika from Indian Valley Scuba, Steffanie Beinl and Christine Hartl from www.unterwasser.de and Tim Ho who shot this photo and some other amazing photos while he was here. We’re glad that we we’re able to show you Puerto Galera’s  wonderful diving.

Look who’s on the beach

Wonderful to have John Lippmann, DAN Asia-Pacific’s Founder, Chairman, Director of Research with us for a few days. John was in town to attend a dive show in Manila and popped down here prior to the show. He gave a very interesting presentation to the local diving community on dangerous marine animals, emergency evacuations: case examples and challenges posed by remote locations and oxygen first aid.


While Sabine, Mal, and Ferde were submerged with Alli, John enjoyed a nice time snorkeling around Dungon and seeing all the beautiful corals and fishes.  You don’t need to go deep to see lots here!


sep15a9 sep15a10


Asia Divers trip of the Year still has 1 spot left (female) on the Palau Tropical Dancer. Sister-ship to Palau Aggressor ensures it’s a comfortable boat and with the perfect dive deck, diving doesn’t get easier than on this boat. We will board the boat in the afternoon on November 1 and disembark in the morning of November 8, which gives us 5 ½ days of brilliant diving among Sharks and other big pelagic animals. Truly a trip you want to come back to do again and again. This is your chance to do your trip of the year! Contact tommy@asiadivers.com if you’re interested.

GALAPAGOS 2016, July 28 to August 4 on Galapagos Aggressor III,

If you haven’t done it, this is the trip you want to be on as we will be right in the Whaleshark season and it’s awesome. If you have done it before then still this is the trip you want to be on as we will be right in the Whaleshark season and it’s awesome, smile. The schedule shows we will have 6 dives on Wolf Island and 6 dives at Darwin Island, this might be your best 12 dives ever done !

Price for the week on the boat US$ 5,795 per person. Confirmation to Tommy at tommy@asiadivers.com  before 25th of October.


Welcome back to Peter Zheng!

sep15a1It’s been a fun time again having Peter Zheng back with another group of excited students. This time there were 9 students doing OW, AOW and some doing nitrox as well, plus six fun-divers. Peter was a very busy man! Alli and Troy tagged along to help out with the group and keep things running smooth. Congratulations to all the new divers and thanks to Peter for coming back! sep15a2Celebration time for Peter’s group. sep15a3What to do when the rain makes us have to finish dinner inside the restaurant?? Do some table dancing of course!

sep15a4Congratulations to Fang Pei Chen who at the young age of 65 earned his OW and AOW certification!