Apo Reef and Coron trip

sep16d6Liveaboard Rags II has only a few open slots left for this season!  November 27th to December 4th, 2016 Apo Reef and Coron. Perfect combination of world class reef dives and historic WWII wrecks!  1710 US $ for six full days of diving and everything included (nitrox, food, beer, soft drinks) except equipment and 2450 PHP for Apo Reef Marine Park Fee. Four slots left! Contact Asia Divers for details at instructors@asiadivers.com

Birthday celebration for Gareth


It was quite the night for Gareth Bowen as he celebrated his 40th birthday in fine style at the Point surrounded by all his friends, including a few “Animals”. The night started off quite calmly but when a table and Larry Bird in his priest collar got things going, it all started to go downhill. Gareth had a great night, survived his birthday and is now a “Cardinal” and an “Animal”!

Mid-Autum Festival Holiday at El Galleon


Yes we did it! Qianyin Luo, Hui Li, Xin Wang, Shaoning Zhang, Shuai Zhao and Jiahong Han completed full OW course in four days due to the tight schedule despite everyone had their own problem to deal with (work, seasickness, fear of water, too much orange juice…:-). Very glad to see everyone’s smiley face and keep the tough but happy spirit up guys!!! See you next time:)

Asia Divers Instructor Development/iDAP College news


Yea! We did it again! Our September Instructor Development Course (IDC) started in style with a very fun Dive Against Debris in the Sabang Bay. We recovered 13kg of trash including rice sacks, fishing lines and unusual steel items and reported all data to Project AWARE. It’s a great feeling to get involved in ocean conservation and being able to take direct action. Some of our fun divers joined right in and helped to fill the sacks for a good cause…High five to Alex, Michael, Juta, Lutz, Jamie and Sabine.



Team Singapore


A few “Freeflowdivers” from Singapore who came for a visit that proved to be way too short for all the activities planned…


While Achim and Lutz explored the reefs and wrecks, Juta accomplished her Open Water Diver certification with flying colors. And on her very first dive as a PADI diver, Juta already took part in the Dive Against Debris -what a great start!

Mid-Autumn Festival at El Galleon

This holiday is celebrated in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Korea. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night, corresponding to late September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with full moon at night. We’ve been very busy with many people from China over the holiday celebrating the extra few days off work and the chance to go diving.


Animals on the prowl…


Welcome back to “the Animals”! Every year for many many years this awesome cast of characters joins us for some great diving, distinguished birthdays and perhaps even some fun times in the Point BarJ. Here we have a group of happy “Animals” and friends (Tom, Zsolt, Larry, Russ, Helen, John, Robert, Rene, David, Terry and Pete) getting ready to head off to Verde Island.

The Diving & Resort Travel Expo

aug16e7 aug16e8

If you happen to be in Manila September 9th to 11th, drop by and visit us at the DRT show. The Diving & Resort Travel Expo is a 3 day event being held from 9th September to the 11th September 2016 at the SM Megatrade Hall in Pasay, Philippines. This event showcases product from Marine & Boat, Travel & Tourism industries. Tommy, Dave and Alli will be there at Ocean Dive Supply and Tech Asia booths.

Show hours:

9th—11th Sept 2016 – 12.00am – 8.00pm
10th Sept: 12.00am-7.00pm
11th Sept: 12.00am-6.00pm

There will be many interesting guest speakers at the DRT show, including our good friend Beth Watson. Beth is an amazing photographer and has done a lot of her work here in Puerto Galera.

Check out her presentations:

Date & Time: 10 September 03:50-04:30pm
Topic: Shooting Wide Angle – A Path to Freedom
Venue: Stage B

Date & Time: 11 September 03:00-03:40pm
Topic: The Photographer’s Friends – Breathing, Buoyancy & Bubbles
Venue: Stage A