Well earned T-shirts

It’s like coming home for Mienrad Wahl and Gabby Haar. They did their DM courses with us a few years ago and this time they came here for some great diving and a chance to see some old friends.  Congratulations on getting your 600 dive t-shirts!

Congratulations to David Sullivan for getting a 700 T-shirt!

Australian Embassy visits El Galleon

Another amazing weekend of sunshine and blue skies has gone by again. We have had the pleasure of having a large group from the Australian Embassy here with to enjoy it all. Thanks to Malcolm Hammer and Louise Abbott for helping to get this all together. For many of the group it was their first time to visit Puerto Galera and we suspect that it won’t be their last!

A full pool this past Saturday with 8 DSD’s, 3 refreshers, and 4 OW students…not bad for the middle of rainy season!

Pete made sure that discovering scuba for the first time was a very happy experience for Richard, Ruby, and Oscar Rodgers, Karen Bishop, Tamiyka and William Abbott, Fergus and Oliver Macks. 


Meet our intern

Hello to all of you who could not make it to El Galleon in the last five weeks and to those who could and wondered what I was actually doing over there. My name is Julia and I am working at a travel agency in Germany, called Schöner Tauchen. Some of you might know it.

As part of my apprenticeship I am doing an overseas training at one of our partners denstinations. My pick was El Galleon Beach Resort and gladly, Allan and Tommy were as well interested in my stay. I arrived on sunday 20th July and started in the reservation office. It was quiet interesting to see how the resort deals with inquiries and bookings from guests and travel agencies. We even get one from Schöner Tauchen and I was proud to be able to answer it!

After 5 days of work I got the weekend off and went to see Puerto Galera and the surrounding area.
The next three weeks I went to the accounting office, point shop and frontdesk. All these destinations help me to get an understanding how every little piece of work needs to fit in so the resort is continuely running.

Beside the exploration of the island I also went diving and helped Troy out with his two Rescue diver courses as an unconcious, non-breathing diver.

Today my last week starts and I am looking forward to get back home and also back to work to share the experience I got here. While at the beginning I thought five weeks would be quiet a long time, I know say they just rushed through. I am really glad and thankfull that I got the oppurtunity to do this work experience and it is something I definitely do not want to miss!
until next time, Jule

Photgrapher of the week

Alex Suh has been here a few times now, and we always enjoying seeing what he shot. Here are a couple shots from this last trip and you can see more on his website www.divewet.com from here, and some fantastic shots he took while getting real close to sharks. (a bit close if you ask me!)


Look closely and you’ll see two shrimps on this whip coral…


A stunning Nembrtha Kubaryana nudibranch.

Sport Scene Group , Australia

Farewell to the Sport Scene Group from Australia. The whole gang really enjoyed their time with us doing some wonderful diving around Puerto Galera and of course a day trip to Verde Island.  They spent their final night at the Barrel Bar enjoying the sunset, cocktails and some pretty wild shirts! So much for the so called rainy season! They have had perfect weather for the whole time they were here. P.G. is much nicer than spending all of the winter in some parts of Australia for sure. Hope to see you back again next year!

Diving can be your life

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is your first step in teaching others your passion for diving! Here in Puerto Galera we will give you first class IDC training which will change your life forever! Are you looking for something extraordinary? To do something others can only dream of? To help people transform their lives? Open doors you didn’t even know existed? All of this, and more, await you as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor! Contact us here on Facebook for more details.

Welcome back to the Clements family!

It’s been wonderful having Rudy, Bobby, Sabine, and Cleome Clements back with us. They had a busy week with Rudy and Cleome doing their Rescue and EFR courses with Troy, and Bobby getting his Open Water certification with Jamie. Congratulations you  guys! What a great start to their holiday as they head off to Palau!

The sun shines over Puerto Galera this August!


The Grahn family has been enjoying the sun, sand and the sea during their Open Water course with Troy.  So much for the rainy season! It’s been a stunning week here and looks like it will stay like that for a while. Magnus Grahn, Jonas Grahn, Johanna Grahn and Evelyn Siőberg are very excited to have done their dive training with Asia Divers in Puerto Galera rather than back home in Sweden.