2015…bring it on!

Despite the wet conditions we had around here, everyone has been having a fine time celebrating the season. Santa and his elves arrived at El Galleon on the 24rd and delivered heaps of toys to the local kids for the 25rd year in a row! Along with Santa came a new helper who gave out dresses to the little girls. Christmas dinner at El Galleon was a delicious feast by Antoine and the crew, and now the kitchen is starting to get things rolling for the New Years dinner. Wishing everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year…and hope to see you here soon!

Although it was a bit wet, the kids showed up very excited in anticipation of Santas’ arrival at El Galleon.

It was a great night to get together with family and friends!

The Christmas Day underwater treasure hunt line-up! Thanks to everyone who got up fairly early on Christmas day to go search for “treasures”.

 Santa has arrived on the platform!

Standbrook family diving

It’s been wonderful having the Standbrook family back with us again. Last time they were here they did their Open Water training, and now on this trip Tim, Joseph and Nellie completed their Advanced course and got in some very dives with Alli. I think highlights of this trip included the big huge turtle and of course some very interesting creatures on the night dive. Congratulations to you all for doing such a great job and really fine tuning your diving to become very comfortable and aware divers!

Christmas activities at El Galleon

Troy lookin all Christmassy even after a big night’s celebration for his birthday

We’re all getting into the festive spirit now for sure. It’s been great to see many familiar faces arriving over the past week; Veronique and Nicolas, Jerry, Julie and Jenny, Bev and John, Stephanie. On the 24th Santa will pull up the sled to El Galleon to give toys out to the local kids for the 25rd year in a row! As usual, we will celebrate the season with a wonderful dinner at El Galleon prepared by Chef Antoine. To get everyone wet on Christmas morning we will also be doing our annual underwater treasure hunt. This is the perfect appetizer before our Christmas lunch! Plenty more happening over the next few days…we’ll keep you up to date with next week’s newsletter. Merry Christmas from all of us to you and yours!

Cressi course … Asia Divers , Puerto Galera

Congratulations go to the following students taking the Cressi-sub service seminar presented on 12th December by Andy Norman at Asia Divers Puerto Galera: Chris Stephenson, David York, Ian Darroch, Andrew Duke and  Mostafa Lotfi

Course started just after lunch with theory and introduction of the cressi-sub AC2,

1st stage and Cressi’s compact 2nd stage with complete strip down, theory of operation, repair, rebuild and fine tuning of regulator set up.

Second part of the course was again spent going through the theory of cressi-sub’s MC5 diaphragm regulator to show the very simple overhaul  and service procedures that one again took students a little by surprised by the speed in which this unit can be stripped down and reassembled.

Important to note and emphasised within in the Cressi course that proper operational theory of regulators should be encouraged before attempting to make proper assessment and repair work on any diving related equipment.  Therefore if wishing to seek further information of this course, please contact Andy Norman on andy@asiadivers.com

Also to make mention that apart from the standard Cressi certification, additional certifications were also handed out to David York and Andrew Duke to making some parts of the regulator disappear towards the floor….its ok, we always achieves the extra award ….

Honeymooners in Asia Divers

Niklas (Carl) and Angelica Lundgren have had a very busy but fun time here this past two weeks, but this was not Angelicas first time here. She actually came here 14 years ago with her father and did her Open Water course with Tommy. Check out her c-card below! So after many years of being a fish out of water she has come back with her husband on their honeymoon and decided to get back into the swing of things and do her certification again. They also did their Advanced course, joined us for our company pre-typhoon Christmas party and pick up heaps of new  t-shirts from the Point Bar. Troys’ liver is relieved to see them go….but hopes to recover soon enough to get them back again.

Now here’s a old c-card!


All is great in P.G. after the typhoon

Preparations pre-typhoon included cutting down the coconuts

The diving platform was all prepared for the worst

As most of you know the Philippines just had typhoon Hagupit or Ruby as it is called in here come through. Up until the last moment it looked like it would be coming through Puerto Galera. The good news is that …it didn’t!! Yes, we had lots of rain and wind, but it could have been much worse. We had completely battened down the hatches but luckily for us, it passed quickly and quietly in the whole scheme of things. In-fact, by mid afternoon the day after the typhoon we are already diving and the conditions are back to our normal lovely now.  We know that not everyone in the Philippines got off lightly though and do feel for them.