A new diver in the family

Sacha Traboulsi had a very special wish for his eighth birthday. He wanted to do his bubblemaker…and he sure did! Congratulations to Sacha who took to the new aquatic environment effortlessly and despite the chilly temperature, he liked the whole thing enough to do a follow-up dive the next day. You can see how excited Sacha is and his little sister Erika already thinking about getting to do her bubblemaker in a few years

Chinese New Year at Asia Divers

With sunny skies and blue water, the CYN holiday has already begun! 2014 Chinese New Year Day is on January, 31 2014 and the resort is already full. You’ll see that we’ve been busy with lots of divers (many escaping Swedes infact!) and courses over the past week. We’ve got lots of happy folks from China as well as those who live in Asia taking advantage of this nicely timed holiday. From everyone here at El Gal and Asia Divers, we wish you all a happy, prosperous and healthy CNY!!

Family Diving

A big day of diving for the Boswell family! Harry Boswell and Kenneth Fiel completed their Open Water course with Troy and got to go out on a fun dive with dad, Geoff. Shannon and Corine Fitzpatrick also got in on the action doing a refresher dive to get back into the swing of things with Troy and our two Dive Master candidates, Jan Bjork and Tommi Kokkola.

A great week with the British International School, HCMC Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Doing a school trip to El Galleon Resort in Puerto Galera is more than just diving. We also like to get the kids involved with the community in some way. This group of fifteen kids and two teachers went to visit one of our local schools to do presentations on marine conservation. They prepared presentations combined with games and themed on looking after the environment. It was a very educational experience for all of us and the best part was that it was good fun too!

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Socorro – April 29-May 8, 2014

We have 1 spot (for a female diver) open aboard the Rocio Del Mar – to Socorro – April 29-May 8. If you don’t know Socorro, it’s the unofficial name for (and the main island in) the Revillagigedos Archipelago, roughly 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It’s known for large pelagic action: giant Pacific mantas, schooling hammerheads, tuna, etc. — like Cocos Island but with more margaritas on the way. See http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20131205-swimming-with-sharks-in-mexico

If anyone is interested contact Tommy@asiadivers.com

Typhoon Relief

If you look closely at the sign you’ll see “Asia Divers” in the top corner. This photo was sent to us from Evolution Divers in Malapascua for our help with the typhoon relief fund for their area. So far, between us and a few other dive shops here we have sent more than $27,000 USD to Malapascua to help them out. There will be more of an update of what some of your donations have been doing sent out very soon. We thank everyone who has donated to this worthy cause.

Welcome to British International School Ho Chi Minh

As we speak, we have 15 teenagers here from the British International School in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam doing diving courses with us. Fourteen of them are doing the OW and one is doing AOW.  We are so excitied to have them all here this week and it’s all thanks to Richard Dyer for getting this organsied and set up. We are looking forward to some great diving experiences, a project with a local school, a sunset cruise and some good fun!

A fun holiday in Puerto Galera

What a way to spend a holiday!! Max Qiao from China has been keeping busy this week doing a “Divemaster Experience week”.  This is a great opportunity for all you certified Divemasters to gain some “real life” experience helping out on the dives and courses with a group of very experienced instructors. You’ll learn heaps, and have lots of fun too.  Just contact us if you would like some more information.