AMI Reunion at El Galleon

What a great time for the whole gang who came in for AMI’s reunion from all over Asia! This fine tradition has been going on for many years and we hope to see you all back next year. Thanks to Bonnie and Adrian Chedore got it all organized. There was a good combination of diving for some, hanging out on the beach for many, and of course spending lots of time at The Point for everyone. El Galleon put on a very special 60’s night on the Platform complete with the El Galleon Dancers, and a very talented fire dancer, and even with a wee bit of rain the night went off with a bang and everyone got into the spirit and partied the night away.

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This is a fascinating story…

Even though this is not about the Philippines, I thought that anyone who is interested in Scuba diving would be interested in this.

Introduced to life under the sea in high school through snorkelling, Yoji Ookata obtained his scuba license at the age of 21. At the same time, he went out and bought a brand new NIKONOS, a 35mm film camera specifically designed for underwater photography. He devoted all his spare time – aside from his day job – to perfecting his art of underwater photography. Then, at age 39, he finally made the transition. He quit his office job and became a freelance underwater photographer.  But even for a man who spent the last 50 years immersed in the underwater world of sea life, the ocean proved infinitely mysterious. While diving in the semi-tropical region of Amami Oshima, roughly 80 ft below sea level, Ookata spotted something he had never seen. And as it turned out, no one else had seen it before either.  Continue reading

Memories from New Zealand

Tommy, Allan, and Andy with Kate and Jeroen in New Zealand, 2005.

Early 2005 Allan, Andy and Tommy decided they should go on a dive holiday together. Only one rule, no white beach and palm trees, try something different. As Allan and Tommy had met a nice guy called Jeroen from Dive Tutukaka in New Zealand at several dive shows they decided maybe this would be a perfect spot to go for a different dive experience. Tommy came up with the idea of going there in September for two reasons, first he had read it was more Bronze Whaler sharks when it was cooler (New Zealand winter) and of course the resort and shop back home would not be overly busy. This proved to be a slight mistake as the boys quickly learned from the first day of diving in 14-15 degree water and with the weather conditions anything else then favorable.

The boys enjoying the balmy diving conditions…

Next two days the diving was cancelled due to bad weather so the boys took off and checked out the northern part of North Island to return on Monday morning for more diving. Jeroen and Kate who own  Dive Tutukaka made sure more neoprene was added to the boys and the sun was out to add some warmth after the dives. The Asia Divers team was treated like kings during the entire stay in Tutukaka and had a great time diving the Poor Knights Island. Finally after 8 years we have had the pleasure of having Kate and Jeroen with us in Puerto Galera. It’s been wonderful to see them again and for them to get to know us more on our turf. We hope that they can come back soon and perhaps bring along some of their divers from New Zealand.

Kate and Jeroen got in some great diving in our nice warm water and also did a nitrox course with Alli to take advantage of the wonderful diving conditions in Puerto Galera.