Monday News Update


Stunning weather and conditions this week so it was the perfect time to get everyone over to Verde Island for the morning. Nothing beats the Verde Island Passage, the center of the center of the world’s best marine biodiversity! Luckily we’re in the heart of it here in Puerto Galera.

What been happening this week


August 25th was a very big day for a Phil Rudin because he did his 5500th recreational dive in his 55 years of diving.  Phil used to be a police diver and has over 500 dives done on the job, but these 5500 dives are separate from that. Congratulations Phil!!

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Baby on board!



Congratulations to Meena and Arthur on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Allan’s first granddaughter, River Blu Mahtani Nash. Such a beautiful addition to the family! Everyone here is looking forward to meeting her soon.

What’s been happening here


After Larry’s little adventure with Tommy and Rene he’s back down here with all the girls and Malcolm too! They are in for a fun week of diving and also cracking on with Nitrox courses for Kris, Seren and Rhiannon. Perhaps getting them all ready for some future live-aboard trips!


Alli was recognized by PADI for her 20 years with them. PADI Territory Director Tim Hunt and Philippine Regional Manager Conny Jeppson presented her with this recognition award.  Alli now joins the others at Asia Divers who have been PADI members for more than 20 years. (Allan, Andy, Tommy, Dave, and Pete)

Delicious new additions to the Menu


Check out what’s new on the menu! Chocos and Mochas for those with a bit of a sweet tooth and the Fresh Blend Juices for those that want the more healthy options. I’d say do the healthy stuff in the morning so you can live it up a bit in the afternoon with the sweet stuff!

EL Galleon and our environment


Some months ago El Galleon applied for a zero discharge permit. After weeks of waiting the DENR arrived for a site inspection and were amazed at the system El Galleon had built to incorporate its own waste water treatment system. Years ago El Galleon with the help of the DENR built an above ground septic system to handle grey water and waste water from the resort. In the past few weeks El Galleon has doubled the size of this system making it easier and more efficient. The other day we received an approved discharge permit which we were at first disappointed but after reading the permit and talking with the DENR, it was explained that it’s difficult for them to issue a zero discharge permit due to many internal concerns at the DENR. The good news is we have a permit that allows us to no longer have our water tested unlike other resorts due to the fact, we don’t discharge outside the resort. The reality is El Galleon is probably the only resort in Puerto Galera that does not discharge some form of waste water other than rain water. El Galleon works hard to work with environment and is committed to continue to do so.


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Tommy together with Larry Bird and Rene Sten have headed to Yap for some diving and to explore the diving at Ngulu Atoll. Diving with our old friend Bill Acker from Yap Divers and have already manage to do 5 dives at Yap with sharks on every dive plus a beautiful Manta spotted on the last dive. An unforgettable shark dive at the Vertigo site that never will be forgotten despite some technical problem with Rene’s camera. More from the boys next week when they report from Ngulu Atoll.