Asia Divers goes to Cocos for the 4th time

Wind Dancer luxury, diving liveaboard

Wind Dancer luxury, diving liveaboard

The first time Asia Divers went to Cocos Island (the Treasure Island), Costa Rica was in 1998 and the experience left deep mark in our dive souls. More or less completely without  corals the island still offer perhaps the best diving in the world. The number of sharks and other big marine life make up for the lack of colourful corals. It is not just the Scalloped Hammerhead sharks that make the island so famous but also a wide range of other sharks. Like Whalesharks, Silky’s, Galapagos sharks, Silvertip and hundreds of Whitetip Reefsharks to mention some.

Hammerhead shoal at Cocos

Sharks a plenty !

Add to this plenty of Marble, Manta, Devil and Mobula Rays. Add huge schools of Snappers just to mention some of the fish that are domestic around the island and Lobsters under more or less every rock (sorry you can’t take them and I think they know it). If you like big stuff and plenty then Cocos Island is for sure the place to go.
The trip starts in San Jose with an overnight to get everybody together for the land transfer to Puntarenas where we board the Wind Dancer from the Dancer Fleet. A 30-36 hours crossing out to the island give everybody a chance to get familiar with each other and the Costa Rican beer. When out there we have 7 fantastic days of diving before returning to Puntarenas.
Dates for Asia Divers trip number 4 to Cocos is April 28-08 May 2012.  For more indormation Click here

Salsa night at El Galleon


When the new pier and store was opened in front of the Point Bar at El Galleon, we were promised that it would be the center of much entertainment and fun and that has proved to be the case. There was a big Christmas party on the deck and some pictures were shown in our blog a few weeks ago about that.

We were told that the first ‘event’  would be a Salsa dance night and the staff of El Galleon entered totally into the spirit of the night.

Allan Nash opens Salsa night at El Galleon

Allan and the El Galleon staff ready to start the Salsa evening.

The event was very well attended and the following short video will give you some idea of the fun which our El Galleon guests and staff enjoyed.

El Galleon staff enjoying the Salsa evening.

So many beautiful ladies.

El Galleon girls on Salsa night.

Girls just want to have fun

There was much food, more than a little drink and an excess of fun.  Here you can see Allan saying ‘Thank you’  to some of those who made the night such a success.

No blog ever seems totally complete without a caption competition.

Can you guess what Allan Nash is thinking ?

What is Allan Nash thinking ? That is Allan at top right.

Entries  for the ‘What’s Allan thinking’ competition can be submitted at the end of this Blog entry.

The next event we are told is a 60s night which will be held probably sometime in the 3rd. week of February.  After which we are TOTALLY open to suggestions.  Send us a note with your ideas and I promise every one will be properly considered.