SeaLife Base “Seven Sea Turtle Wonders”


Did you know that sea turtles don’t have sex chromosomes? Instead, sex is determined by temperature at which eggs incubate. In the case of green turtles, at 28oC, hatchlings develop into males; at 31oC the hatchlings grow into females. This has great implication in conservation.

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Feature Dive sites of Puerto Galera


Puerto Galera’s signature wreck, the Alma Jane keeps divers happily entertained. Although she has begun to collapse a bit from years of weather, she is still a most lovely dive. The huge school of resident batfish, a couple resident frogfishes, many lionfish and trumpet fish

If you’re on Facebook check out Rob’s video of the Alma Jane:



A very warm welcome to Jose Jorge Rodriguez, Pedro Jose Orellana-Cuadra, and Antonio Del Rio who came here through our new travel agent in Spain, Rutas Loyangalani. It was good fun diving with these guys and we hope to see more divers from Spain here in the future. OLA!

China’s National Day Golden Week holiday comes to an end


China’s National Day Golden Week holiday comes to a fun filled end for Andy, Qun Qun and their group of very happy certified divers. oct16b6

Good to have you back Jing Chen (Jane) &Tao Chen (Leo)! Jane finished off her AOW course with an awesome scooter dive while Leo was feeling quite energetic to complete Nitrox, Deep and DPV specialties. It’s been super fun and looking forward for your return of Dive Master training next time:)


The excitement of completing OW course overcame the rainy weather–congratulations to Qimeng Mu, Hengyu Li, Zijiao Long and Yingying Fu! It’s fate to meet here and go through everything together as a team. This is definitely just the beginning of a long term friendship as dive buddies.

Sha Tin College returns to Asia Divers


It’s been a fantastic time for the group of 49 teenagers and 5 teachers from Sha Tin College, Hong Kong.  They took part in PADI diving courses and activities in for the past week. In the group we had 17 new Open Water divers, 4 Advanced divers and 2 Nitrox. The Activities group kept busy with sailing, Extreme Sports, water sports, zip line and a trip to Tukauran where they got to enjoy the waterfalls.  The whole gang also spent a day on Verde Island visiting a local school and having a beach BBQ and then we had a fun send-off in El Galleon with a cultural dance performance, fire dancers and a great band!  Phew…that was a very action packed time for everyone! Thank you to all of the teachers; Mick Wilson, Wendy Ho, Katherine Turbett, Victoria Harvey who made the week such a success and especially to Alan Dickson for getting this all organized. Looking forward to seeing you back again in 2017! Please see the Sha Tin video produced by Rob According to Rob it was once again quite an exciting challenge trying to fit 49 students, diving, sailing, paintballing, etc… in a 20 minutes film. The kids picked the music…most of it wouldn’t have been his first choice but it’s their film after all.

Asia Divers Instructor Development/iDAP College


You may have noticed that there was a lack posts with smiling candidates during the last IDC. No, it wasn’t because they were not happy, it was because they had asked to keep it under wraps so they could really concentrate on their studies. We’ll, all that study paid off today, so congratulations to Ian Diaper and Alex Siegel. If you have a keen eye you may have noticed a little give away in one of the photos, see if you can find it?