PADI Award for Asia Divers

Allan was in Manila for the PADI Course Director Update and while there he was presented an award from Jimmy Christrup and Colin Melrose from PADI to Asia Divers for Outstanding Contribution to Diver Entry Level Training in 2013…. Meaning Asia Divers certified more divers last year than anyone else in our area. Mint!

Andy is at it again…

Congratulations go to David Giles, Dwight Lloyd and Ming Jun “Max” Qiao on completing the Cressi-sub regulator service seminar on 9th June at Asia Divers in Puerto Galera.

With just three students on the course gave plenty of time for more personal attention per student with plenty of questions thrown around the room for all to debate upon.

In fact between David and Dwight they both come to the conclusion that with Ming taking some many photos of the guts of the regulator, the photos were going back to main land china as blue prints to copy Cressi regulator…

Once again the regulators used for strip down and rebuilding was Cressi’s very popular AC2 and MC5 first stages, while the Second stages for strip down was Cressi’s compact and ellipse regulator.

For anyone wishing to take part in this one day fully authorized course in your area then please contact Andy Norman by email:

Asia Divers offers several specialty courses

These two likely lads, Andrew Gray and Andrew Fowler bashed out their PADI Night dive specialty with Pete, over three consecutive nights. And as they are both called Andy!  Mr. Fowler (right) also turned his hand to the Digital Underwater specialty too! Taking a specialty course is a great way to learn some new skills while having fun diving. Contact us if you’re interested in taking one of our specialty courses and perhaps becoming MSDT.

New Instructors

A big congratulations to David Giles, Dwight Lloyd and Ming Jun “Max” Qiao passing their Instructor Examination!

Already a PADI Instructor? We have customized continuing instructor level courses for you to take. Everything from 23 different Specialty Instructor ratings, MSDT, IDC Staff Instructor to Tech Instructor courses. Do you wish to become a CD and need IDC staff experience? Join one of our IDC’s and for sure you will be fully prepared for your CDTC.

Two new Divemasters at Asia Divers


I guess none of us have been feeling too sorry for Troy over the last few weeks as he has been conducting the Dive master course for the lovely Mary Vergara and Wenjing Fan (Fun).  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. That happened on Friday night when Mary and Fun had their combined DM party and initiation. There was plenty of beer and pizza and both lasses did a super job at their DM snorkel test which all DM candidates must perform to gain their Fins. They have both been a great help around Asia divers over the last few weeks and we just want to say well done!