Outreach in San Ignacio, Baco


El Galleon and Asia Divers were out there again this week. This time we were in Baco where we had 320 families turn up.jan16d12 jan16d14

With the money we raised for Mohawkvember and a few other donations from some generous friends of Asia Divers we managed to get an array of food items to be handed out. The organization was fantastic with the staff at El Galleon working hard to bag the food for each family and the organizers in Baco making sure that no one was left out.


Without these dedicated people none of this would be possible. They are the ones that make your donations count. We thank everyone for all of their support.

Moscow Dive Show 2016

If you happen to be in the area please drop by to visit Allan and Alli at the Moscow Dive Show.

The Moscow Dive Show 2016 is the #1 event in the dive scene of Russia, the ex-USSR and Eastern Europe, to the discontinued Golden Dolphin 2003-2014.

When: Wed Feb 3 to Sat Feb 6, 2016

Where: Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center

Ocean Dive Supply Philippines meeting in Dumaguete


Ocean Dive Supply Philippines had their annual meeting in the weekend, this time in Dumaguete. Tommy was giving a full day presentation to all the staff. From Manila was Janet, Karen, Odette & Joel, Puerto Galera was represented by Dona, Boracay with Grace, Berlen & Beth, from Cebu come Ivy, Vangie, Cris, Rose & Jomar, Alona’s team of Marlie, Luz & Riza and host was Kathy from Dumaguete. As usual the spirit was at top when all got together and all seems to have a lot of fun even during Tommy’s presentation. Everybody back in the store today and opening hours is back to normal. Check out more pictures on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/AsiaDiversDiveSupply

1. Social & Community


We at El Galleon and Asia Divers have always supported charities of one kind or another. Rhuby our manager of El Galleon has traditionally donated a month’s salary to kids or for disaster relief each year for the past few years. Last Saturday Rhuby, Kjell and Allan put together enough of their money to provide 200 food bags for two hundred Mangyan families from Naujan in Barangay Aringan. During the last typhoon these people and hundreds of others were displaced after a hug wave of mud and water swept through their valley killing many and making homeless hundreds of others. Unable to find support and relief from government agencies, these people were left abandoned, helpless and hungry. You can only understand the magnitude of this devastation by going and standing in the middle of this valley. The drive towards this valley is obstructed by downed power lines, mud washed roads, homes with mud half way up there broken walls, coconut trees up-routed like weeds, trees that are over a hundred years old up-routed and washed a hundred or more meters from where it stood for so long.



We are calling out to anyone who can help to please send us a pledge or cash as we intend to go back to Baco another area close by hit hard by the last typhoon that went through the Philippines. There are over four hundred Mangyan families homeless and in need of help. Allan has pledged again enough money for a hundred families; through the great efforts of the instructors and friends during the November “Movember” drive there is enough money for another hundred families. We are looking at making this donation next week, Friday the 22nd of January.

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Many thanks to all those who donated and the El Galleon staff, Jamie from Asia Divers and Lina for helping us during the Naujan distribution. And a very special thanks to Lina Soderstrom again who coordinated the purchasing and packing of all these bags. And also a very special thanks to Mangyan teacher Sonya for her amazing job of coordinating and distributing the food bags and supplies on the day to all the two hundred families. We met every family and personally handed over each bag! Please contact admin@asiadivers if you would like to help.

Boys and their toys!


Great work by our IDC candidate Calvin during his Pre-IDC Skills Demonstration Workshop days.  Here he is practicing tying the Bowline and Double Half-Hitch in order to correctly rig and lift an object.  Have a look at our Facebook page “IDAP College” for photos and up-dates on a more regular basis.

The return of the Quists

It was wonderful to have John Quist and his family (Maria, Kellie, Gary, Kevin and Derek) here recently. John has been a long time friend of ours and we’re always happy to see him and the whole gang back with us. Congratulations to Kevin who upgraded to full Open Water certification after having done his Scuba Diver course with us a few years ago.


2015 Ocean Art Competition winners

El Galleon was a proud sponsor for the 2015 Ocean Art Competition and they have announced the winners for this year. Please have a look at the website to see some amazing photography.

Winners page:  http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/2015-ocean-art-contest-winners

Special congratulations to Adam Martin – (2nd Novice DSLR) who won a 7-night dive package with us. We look forward to seeing him here soon.



The story: “ On the Red Sea we awoke each day at 4-5 AM for a full day of diving. On this day in particular, it was the first dive, and it was our friend Tim’s 1000th dive. We boarded the Zodiac to access a dive site on the North Wall of Daedalus Reef, and after a speedy negative entry, we found ourselves descending right on top of an 18ft juvenile Whaleshark. No one was expecting this, and we watched in excitement as it swam by. The encounter was loud with the sounds of divers cheering through their regulators while the Whaleshark navigated our bubbles. At this time he turned back and swam directly towards me, and I suddenly found myself distanced from the commotion of the group. There was a moment frozen in time – an unobstructed view of the Whaleshark and our dive guide gliding silently through the water, side by side, coexisting. I reminded myself to pull the trigger, and this will remain one of the most special dives and photographs I have had the fortune to experience.”

Location:  Daedalus Reef – North wall. Red Sea, Egypt
Camera:  Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 8-15mm Fisheye @ 15mm, Ikelite Housing, ambient light
Settings:  F/7.1, 1/80th, ISO 200