We’re thrilled to have Diana Dulau and Mikael Lohmer from Dyk & Resespecialisten drop in for a quick visit on their very short Philippine tour. We hope to see many more guests from Diana heading our way soon, escaping the snow in Sweden for a tropical holiday in the Puerto Galera paradise.

Malapascua Relief Effort Update

Thanks to everyone that has supported Asia Divers & all the Puerto Galera Dive Centers with the relief effort for Malapascua Island. The donations from PG divers alone are fast approaching one million pesos. Well done!

John and his father live close to one of the few freshwater wells on the island. Like most people they now live in a shack built from the ruins of their home. But, they can’t continue to live in a shack. They need a new house and this is what we are helping to do on Malapascua.

Photo Workshop with Mike Bartick

January 25-30, 2014 at El Galleon/Asia Divers

Join us for The Essential Underwater Photography Workshop with Mike Bartick. It’s for any camera, Dslr, or compact.  This is what will be covered on a daily schedule: 1st morning is orientation and each day after: 7:00am is a photo review session before the eight a.m. dive. ten-thirty  dive, Lunch, SI break, photo seminar and discussions, presentations aprx. 45 minutes, 16:00 dive, 18:00 night dive, dinner, evening – Photo slide show, discussion and critique one on one or natural history talk.

The Essential Underwater Photography Workshop includes:

  1. Macro lighting and Compositions
  2. Super Macro Lighting and Compositions, Strobe Angles
  3. Wide Angle- Lighting and Compositions-Working with a Model
  4. Wreck Photography and Wrecks with a Model
  5. Behavior-shooting with a longer lens

Contact if you’re interested.


Pete’s back from his live-aboard trip on the Komodo Dancer. Pete, David Warner, Jeremy Bright, Sue Smith, Gary Hadler, and Tony Weston enjoyed seven days exploring the amazing area of Alor, east of Flores. As usual, great diving combined with a fun group made the trip a huge success. Keep in mind that we’ve got a trip scheduled for Socorro, Rocio del Mar, April 30-08 May, 2014. Contact if you’re interested.

Welcome to Scubaguam

It’s been a fun few days having the group here from Scubaguam (Manami Iijima, Nobuko Iijima, Sprute Zachary, Pete Peterson, William Marhoffer, Jimmy Roland, Frank and Clara Robison, Laurel Levy, Alice Leliukas, Stephen, Merry-Jane and Rosalie Wolborsky) Though it’s been only a short trip this time we hope to see Pete Peterson back again soon with more divers from Guam. We made sure to get them to Verde Island, the Canyons and of course some of the muck diving sites along with the usual beautiful reef dives. is a website that is almost totally focused on diving on the island of Guam and throughout the western Pacific. It features the history of diving on Guam, over 75 divers sites with complete information on how to get there and what to do, and many related articles. was created in 2008 by Pete Peterson, retired owner of a large dive on Guam. Pete is known throughout the western Pacific region both as a dive business owner and a diving television show producer.

Over the past four years the website, along with its associated Facebook page with the same name, has specialized and dive travel throughout Micronesia with main emphasis on the Philippines and Malaysia.

Thanks to Pete for choosing Asia Divers/El Galleon!