Cressi service seminars return to Asia Divers backyard…

Returning to home territory and good old Puerto Galera, Andy Norman carried out another Cressi-sub service on 20th March in Asia Divers for IDAP students and one of our own local staff.

Despite the night before celebrations of the candidates passing the IE that made for a late start, the course eventually kicked off with the students understanding the inner workings of regulators and how to diagnose problems when then arise..

Again, the regulators used were Cressi-sub’s AC2 with the compact second stage and the MC5 with the ellipse 2nd stage, and as per usual, a small discussion on the breakdown and repair of the BCD inflation device was added at the end of the course.

Congratulations to the following students: Patrick Ramsay, Tobias Pino, Christophe Swartebroeckx, Scott Ames, Roldan Montiano

For anyone interested in the one day cress-sub service seminar please contact

Family diving

As Dad David de Marneffe and mom Lorna Avillanosa look on, they are happy to see their kids get their first experience to dive. Lorraine and Loureen Avillanosa can hardly wait to get into the ocean after completing their pool Bubblemaker session. Kids who get started at this age with the bubblemaker program are usually very keen to become Open Water divers with their parent’s encouragement. It makes for a great family holiday!

Andy on the go!

Moving into new locations with Cressi Sub courses, it was time for Andy Norman to take on Palawan as the new destination for service seminars.

Two courses were held, one in El Nido and other in Puerto Princesa, a total of 11 students, mostly dive shop operators  either using Cressi sub equipment for their rental or boldly interested in just knowing how fundamentals of this equipment operates.

In this service program there was a slight in the service Selection line-up with the new Cressi compact 2nd stage that is both lighter and just as the name names says… it more compact. Continue reading

“Stairway to Hell” record broken!

It was just another regular night up in the bar, until “It” came out to play…”The Stairway to Hell” was set up and ready to go and Ferg was up for the challenge…


Gone… in 11 seconds!!! Congratulations Ferg, who actually managed to keep it all in for a few seconds too. So who’s going to try to beat that? Will Clark has held the record for a long time now, but we understand he is back here in September…hmmmmmm


Summer in Puerto Galera!

With the summer weather now upon us, the whole Puerto Galera area is filling up with lots of people escaping the not-so-nice weather in China, Europe and North America. It’s been a busy week at El Gal with two groups in, plus of course all the other folks staying and diving with us. This is a shot of the “AAPSM” group booked through Reef and Rainforest in the U.S. It was a group of 22 very happy people. All enjoyed the whole experience here with us, and some lucky folks even got the double pleasure of seeing two thresher sharks towards the very end of their trip!

Goodbye to the Dubai American Academy!

It’s been an amazing week at the resort for the kids from Dubai. They have all left here very happy to have earned their diving or sailing certifications. We think it’s something to be very proud of!  Both of these activities are things they can keep active with, learn more about, and make the rest of their lives more fun with. Congratulations to the whole group, and thanks once again to Ralph Russell for choosing us for the 7th year in a row! El Galleon/Asia Divers have hosted many school groups over the years and have become well known in this specialty area. If you’re interested in doing the same for your school group please contact us.

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