Bubblemaker Alexander

Our latest Bubble maker Alexander Nelson has taken to the aquatic world as would be expected, as his mom Kimberly is a long time diver. Alli is a bit concerned that he is heading towards the dark side though as he really wanted to dive Sweet Lips Corner, Odies, Blackfish, Mamoods and several of the other tech deeper sites. Alexander is full of knowledge of many underwater creatures and has the love of the ocean in him already, so we expect to see him on an Open Water Course when he is ten. You can get your kids on the Bubblemaker course once they turn eight years of age. It’s a great way to get them started in diving.

JR the Divemaster

Congratulations to our newest certified Divemaster, JR Karbowski. JR has been teamed up with Pete as his instructor and has breezed through the course with flying colours. He is now getting to use all his new skills helping out on dives and courses for a while until he has to go back home. We hope to see you back here on an IDC!

Andy at Asia Divers

Andy Xie has been keeping pretty busy lately with lots of students from China and his new toy…a very large telescope. If you need a Chinese speaking instructor contact us for details.


Come by the Barrel Bar when Andy is there with his telescope and you could see some good close-ups of the moon, stars and the sun… with a beer in your hand!



Fun in the sun!

It was a great morning for the whole gang as Pete and our newest divemaster candidate JR Karbowski got to take Lynette Steyn through a scuba review and Dan Wang though an intro to scuba diving. Along for the dive as well were Mr. Cheng and Mario Steyn. We hope to see everyone back down here soon!