Bye bye…eh, to our wonderful Canadian friends


It has been great couple of weeks for us to dive, chart and party with these awesome people from Canada: Jacqui, Wayne, Keith, Richard, Kelly, Darron, Anthony, Tanis, Mona, Robert, Jared, Joan and Kristy (who felt a bit sad of having to leave the group earlier). Congratulations to Darron, Joan and Tanis to join the 100 dives club and Kelly to hit 300 dives during this trip–glad to see everyone’s enthusiasm of diving! With mostly beautiful weather, a few more layers and of course lots of mango daiquiris and Jacquilas, we all kept ourselves warm and had so much fun together. The only thing is they will have to come back and bring a Canadian flag next time;)


Kristy sad to be leaving the group early…

Diver City SCUBA Inc., a local dive shop in Manitoba, Canada owned and operated by Jacqui and Wayne opened in 2013. One thing about Manitoba divers is they love to travel to dive and have a good time!

So Jacqui organizes trips usually twice a year for the group. Previously travelling to Bonaire, the Bahamas, Cozumel Mexico, Honduras, and now to Puerto Galera!

Diving, having fun and training all levels from Open Water to Padi Tech. What are they up to next? Check out or like them on facebook to find out!

“ I also want to thank everyone at Asia divers for making our visit an amazing an most memorable time. Missing you guys already!!”

Jacqui, Diver City SCUA Inc.  731 St. Mary’s Rd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 204-257-2822

Monday News cover photo


This month’s Monday News cover photo is by award winning underwater photographer, Gino Symus who has been diving here with us a few times over the past couple years. You can always recognize Gino underwater because he dives with two very big cameras and one is tethered on to him and floating above. Makes it very easy for us to keep an eye on him! We always enjoy diving with Gino because he is so careful not to touch anything while he is taking photos

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“I started diving in 1997. Same time I started up a bakery. Two years later I bought my first underwater camera…Since then I got really fascinated by the creatures under water. The diving was a good cure the get rid off the stress from work. I try to visit all the best dive destinations in the world. My most favorite dive destinations are Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa and British Columbia.  Now almost 20 years and 2900 dives further, I’m getting more passionate by photography. Since 2.5 year I try to make competition with the pictures and I had a few good results. 5th best photographer in the Hucycup competition and 1st place behavior and 3rd place reefscapes were the most important with a nice reward. I was wondering If I would get tired of this for myself but until now my love for the ocean and the critters is still growing. It’s a pleasure to see that the pictures I make get appreciated by many divers. And with this feeling I like to dive and photograph many more years….” Gino

If the shoe fits…


Jacqui, Troy and Pete are having a lot of fun dancing off with Candyman wearing “klompen” (the Dutch wooden shoes) in the point bar. They’ve not only got some cool moves but also used it well to knock down the nails on the floor as they go. Always a good time when partying with Candyman!

What’s been happening this week


Fantastic to have our good friends from Manila here this weekend (Ike, Eve, Brigitte, Bob) and diving along with our new friends Lance and Brad. They got up to all sorts of fun adventures both above and below water level. Wishing Bob and Brigitte all the best in their big move back to the U.S. We’ll miss you, but suspect that you will be back! A big congrats to Lance too for getting his AOW and Nitrox certifications on this trip. Looks like you had a couple of good instructors