Walking down the aisle at El Galleon

It’s not too often we get a request to have a wedding at the resort, but it sure is nice when it does happen. Congratulations to Alan William Sneddon  and Rhona Tullett who tied the knot under a canopy on our dive platform. They celebrated afterwards watching the sun go down with Kirsteen McInnes Tullet and Caitlin Irene Tullett and us of course.

Puerto Galera Ultra Marathon on November 30 2014

There are two main distances, 50km and 25km and also a 5 km. You’ll see Allan, Rhuby and Dave and Jamie getting up early for this. Start and finish line is the Plaza in Puerto Galera town proper.  Assembly time is an hour before gun start.  Maps (and more info) are available on Facebook and This is an opportunity to for all our friends to come down to PG and participate.


Allan on the go…

Allan and Rhuby have been in Yeosu South Korea for the most beautiful bay of the world 10th world congress. Next year it will be happening in Puerto Galera which is a really big event for the whole community here. We’ll keep you posted on the details as things come together.


Allan has recently attended the Beef Steak and Burgundy 60th anniversary in Adelaide at the Intercontinental Hotel. The back three lads are from the PI, Paul Jones, Allan, John Edgiton who Allan rode with from Sydney to Adelaide.  Front, left Luis Coronado partner EY solutions Singapore, centre is Howard Bennett MD of the Radisson hotel Shanghai, right Frederic Lucron GM Hilton Hotel Tokyo. I understand that a good time was had by all!

50K Ultramarathon

Join Jamie and Dave….The first ever Puerto Galera 50K Ultramarathon is set to take place on November 30, 2014. The race will start/finish in Plaza, Puerto Galera. The event promises to be an important addition to the local ultramarathon scene in the country giving runners the opportunity to run historical routes.


Meet our intern

Hello to all of you who could not make it to El Galleon in the last five weeks and to those who could and wondered what I was actually doing over there. My name is Julia and I am working at a travel agency in Germany, called Schöner Tauchen. Some of you might know it.

As part of my apprenticeship I am doing an overseas training at one of our partners denstinations. My pick was El Galleon Beach Resort and gladly, Allan and Tommy were as well interested in my stay. I arrived on sunday 20th July and started in the reservation office. It was quiet interesting to see how the resort deals with inquiries and bookings from guests and travel agencies. We even get one from Schöner Tauchen and I was proud to be able to answer it!

After 5 days of work I got the weekend off and went to see Puerto Galera and the surrounding area.
The next three weeks I went to the accounting office, point shop and frontdesk. All these destinations help me to get an understanding how every little piece of work needs to fit in so the resort is continuely running.

Beside the exploration of the island I also went diving and helped Troy out with his two Rescue diver courses as an unconcious, non-breathing diver.

Today my last week starts and I am looking forward to get back home and also back to work to share the experience I got here. While at the beginning I thought five weeks would be quiet a long time, I know say they just rushed through. I am really glad and thankfull that I got the oppurtunity to do this work experience and it is something I definitely do not want to miss!
until next time, Jule